A little less than 10 yrs ago, the two founding members of ANTIQUES released a critically acclaimed yet impossible to find E.P. under the name “Sparrowhawk”. Soon thereafter, they added two more members and began a near decade-long collaboration that would yield four LP’s, countless videos/wordpoems/fiction, several fake interviews, and (allegedly) one dead and/or maimed fan. The shows were as rare as they were chaotic: dysfunctional-smoke-machine-blinking-xmas-light-booze-addled-affairs that quickly derailed but featured, at their very heart, really great pop songs. Then, on 28 June 2011, they emerged with the apparently unpronounceable JWNS, easily their best and rumored to be their final recording. They intended to remake Kid A but ended up with Bee Thousand. Either way it’s fantastic and I pray that someone will recognize it now rather than in 50 years. Though it’s doubtful. 

- Reinhold Massey, Extraneous Tea Cozy: An Anthology of Lost American Bands (2012)




Geography Hill

Billy Durette

Jamie Martini

Currently, we operate out of Brooklyn, Cambridge, and Abilene.

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The Deli Magazine - "Antiques’ JWNS is 11 tracks of fantastic indie-rock."

In Your Speakers - "ANTIQUES is a mysterious band… the one sure thing? They know how to write a good song."

Pop Headwound - "my official band of Summer 2K11"

The Ash Gray Proclamation - "[ETC is] an ethereal garage anthem of crunchy guitars and sugary sweet vocals that hits us squarely in our wheel house."

Pictures of Other People’s Children - "White hot guitars careening around a killer falsetto, and just enough nostalgia to make that full-length fore arm mermaid tattoo (R.I.P. Petunia) seem like a good idea again."

Magic Teepee - "Mmmmmm fuzzy guitars… bask in the fidelity underworld."

Tome to the Weather Machine - "Yeah, these guys can keep a song together. Call it Power Pop, call it indie or whatever… it’s the fantastic melodies underlying everything that hold it in, like Elmers glue on a fluttering balsa-wood airplane."

Boston Band Crush: C.D. on Songs - "this is precisely the kind of move we can expect from those lads in Antiques - they take the strange and make it sound normal, and then they take the normal and make it sound strange."

Tons More Cowbell - "Check out these two singles from [The greatest band since Jefferson Starship]."

Bushwick BK: Song of the Week - "Their sound has a fullness that spreads across the different instruments, congealing them into a loosely structured mass of guitar fuzz and burying the faint, gender ambiguous vocals.”

HEY! (German) - "Nun sind acht Jahre vergangen und mit JWNS erscheint am 28. Juni ihr viertes Studioalbum (hier vorbestellen). Wie gut das klingt, verraten die drei vorab Singles Forgiveness, Everybody! Do the Twist! und ETC."

Clicky Clicky Music - "there is an interesting breathiness and reverb and layering going on. And when the big guitar chords (underpinned by some organ? Or are we just hearing things now?) kick in, "Making Friends" reveals itself to be an anthemic mid-tempo sparkler."

Bandcamp Hunter 

Jersey Beat - "These bad boys will do anything to fuck your life and to find all the craps that they can throw your way."


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